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 Why Riya Education ?

PLATO once said "The Direction in which Education starts A Man will determine his Future in Life” and we at Riya Education strive to provide the right direction when it comes to guidance & assistance to students for overseas education. Through our customized counseling methods we help students choose the appropriate academic program that would suite their interest and passion.


The reputation and goodwill our group has earned over the decades of functioning Pan India have instilled a Trust in parents to approach us for Overseas educational choices. By keeping the matter as Transparent and Clear as possible we keep aside all the cynical views about Overseas education. In an ever dynamic and challenging era , we passionately want to work towards students academic and career enhancement by providing them an opportunity to look at choices Overseas through which they can meet up to their social and economic demands.


A prospective student who approaches Riya Education besides being in the hands of a reliable counselor to select the right academic program is also assisted for in house services like Visa, Air tickets, Insurance, Global SIM cards, Foreign exchange, Meet and Assist thereby making us a One Stop Solution!

  • Streamlined Visa processing- get your visa status confirmed in just 4-5 days.
  • Application deadline for applying at Sweden universities - June 8,2014.
  • Rush in to apply at the Germany’s best University before June 15,2014.
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  • IELTS waiver in New Zealand and Germany.
  • Guaranteed paid internship programmes in University of Bedfordshire, UK.
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